Thursday, April 1, 2010

In life ones path...

...starts off in one direction and outside elements come along and change things sending one in a completely different direction.  Leaving one wondering how did this happen?  Because I let it of course.

I started a new sewing project last weekend. This is one of those use up some scraps and maybe a little of the stash kinda projects.  First was to cut up scraps and sew them into “charms.” To make some tote bags for groceries, books, and toys, whatever. Another bag is always need and grabbing a plastic shopping bag to carry my books back to the library is so tacky not to mention it makes me look environmentally unfriendly. I want something cute not tacky.

I cut and sewed and had about 150 scrap “charms” sitting on my table for totes. Then started to lay them out in patterns and to add sashing, seeing how they would look.

Enters change in the form of my oldest son.....

Son: “That looks cool.”(really excitedly)

Me: “thanks”

Son: “ Is that the picnic quilt you are going to make us?”

**rewind a couple months ago when I asked my littles if they wanted a picnic quilt and they were not interested.

Me: “No, I am making tote bags with these.”

Son: “Oh, ok. But that would make a really cool picnic quilt.” (sounding disappointed)

Me: “I guess it could be a picnic quilt.”

Son: “COOL! Because those are really awesome colors.”

Me: “ Alright, it will be a picnic quilt.”

Son: “Awesome, but could you make another one for a picnic quilt? I don’t want that quilt to get all muddy, it’s too cool.”

Me: “Sure.” (Stunned by my 13 year old son’s enthusiasm about a project I am working on.)

Now a couple of days later and all of it sinking in realizing I just committed to 2 quilts and still need to make some tote bags. And to let you all know, the last time I made a quilt that was not made of fleece or flannel (and for a baby) was 15 years ago.


  1. You son likes color - awesome.

    You should make one of old sheets (the one to get muddy).

  2. Great idea Annalia. I will round up old sheets to make the mud quilt!

  3. Your son is right, those are cool colors. It will make a fantastic quilt. Nice for snuggling on the couch.

  4. lol...were you tired when you had your conversation? and beware of pinky all cost avoid the pinky swear!
    thanks for linking up and best of luck with the quilts!