Thursday, April 15, 2010

what's happened and what hasn't happened

* shopping
* transmission problems
* lessons
* fast cruise
* packing away winter clothes
* more shopping
* more lessons
* extended fast cruise
* cleaning out the garage
* gardening
* 6 loads of laundry brought home by the Chief at 8pm needing to be done by 4am when he had to go back to work
* more lessons
* really bad allergy day with strong meds and me a zombie
* late night trip taking a friend to the ER
* more shopping
* is it sea trials now or an extended fast cruise again?

Place them all in a bowl and draw out two or three and assign them to a day this past week.  Your guess would be as good as mine on which things happened what days.

What hasn't happened? Any work on my quilt.  It has sat here untouched since last Thursday.  Tomorrow I will work on it.  Even if it is just to rearrange everything and pretend that something was done. 


  1. It looks like you got stuff done on it. :)

    My projects have been lagging a bit too. Something about April...

  2. Be glad this is on the hasn't happened list... Wait, if I say it will it happen? Shutting up now.