Tuesday, April 6, 2010

breaking news

We interrupt your day for this special update. The youngest little has lost her first tooth. This tooth was so ready to come out that a gentle breeze during a smile could have worked. But what brought out that tooth?

You can see how ready it was to come out, yep a pancake.

Siting here think about how they are all growing up and this stage in their lives will never happen again reminds me I have something else to do right now. Time to go play with my littles and enjoy this time it while it's here!

I wish they would stop growing just for a year or two. Oh well, my wishing hasn’t stopped their growing yet.  

Hope you all have a wonderful spring day!


  1. Her first! Cute. Jonny has one of his big front teeth loose. I can't wait until it falls out - it'll be so adorable!

  2. Congratulations! Does the tooth fairy come to your house?

  3. The tooth fairy would come, but she like the 2 before her are holding onto their teeth to turn in all at once. To each their own.