Monday, January 31, 2011

this lip gloss...

.... is sooooo yummy!  The color, the sparkels, the name 'Ruby Red Licorice.'  But the best thing is...  

... it tastes like Twizzlers. YUMMY!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

two toppers

i have hope

My girlies found some fabric in my stash and wanted matching pajama bottoms.  This took me by surprise.  My oldest hasn't wanted anything matching her sister EVER.  She is such a sweet girl and has humored me a few times but her heart was never in it.  Today, she wanted it.

I went to cut the fabric and realized there wasn't enough to make two pajama bottoms.  NO!!! They wanted and agreed to match.  When I bought this fabric there was enough to make them both tops and bottoms.  Oh, that was a couple years ago.  Another fabric was picked.

The pajamas were made.

She asked for matching pajamas once.  Maybe she will ask to match her sister again.  I have hope!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

just do it

There are lots of excuses why I have neglected my blog but it all comes down to Military life and deployment.  I am not feeling too chatty but with the encouragement of Senior Chief telling me “just do it” I will make a post today. 
Including a picture of some of the yummy treats he left me with.  (I am not going out to the freezing garage to get a picture of the freezer stocked with my favorite ice creams.)

I would give up yummy chocolates and ice cream for the next year if only......