Sunday, April 18, 2010


I did get to work on my quilt Thursday and more than just shifting things around.  I also got to work on it Saturday, YAY!  Now do I want to put an orange border around the whole quilt?  I promise myself I won't think too long about it and allow it to keep me from having to finish it lol.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

what's happened and what hasn't happened

* shopping
* transmission problems
* lessons
* fast cruise
* packing away winter clothes
* more shopping
* more lessons
* extended fast cruise
* cleaning out the garage
* gardening
* 6 loads of laundry brought home by the Chief at 8pm needing to be done by 4am when he had to go back to work
* more lessons
* really bad allergy day with strong meds and me a zombie
* late night trip taking a friend to the ER
* more shopping
* is it sea trials now or an extended fast cruise again?

Place them all in a bowl and draw out two or three and assign them to a day this past week.  Your guess would be as good as mine on which things happened what days.

What hasn't happened? Any work on my quilt.  It has sat here untouched since last Thursday.  Tomorrow I will work on it.  Even if it is just to rearrange everything and pretend that something was done. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

trimming therapy

I have had a lot on my mind the last few days. And when I need to think and pray and listen, keeping my hands busy at a mindless task helps.

I am thankful I needed to trim the edges on my blocks and charms. It was calming and gave me time to sort through my thoughts.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

breaking news

We interrupt your day for this special update. The youngest little has lost her first tooth. This tooth was so ready to come out that a gentle breeze during a smile could have worked. But what brought out that tooth?

You can see how ready it was to come out, yep a pancake.

Siting here think about how they are all growing up and this stage in their lives will never happen again reminds me I have something else to do right now. Time to go play with my littles and enjoy this time it while it's here!

I wish they would stop growing just for a year or two. Oh well, my wishing hasn’t stopped their growing yet.  

Hope you all have a wonderful spring day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

old school or grade school?

I had an exciting Friday night trying to figure out a layout for the quilt. I started to lay out the charms on the floor in patterns but between the dog and the littles it was not working out. If it was the dog alone it wouldn’t be a problem. I could tell him to lay down somewhere he will and if I tell him to stay he will . Now add in the littles calling him and running around all crazy like; laying the charms out on the floor is a bad idea. No worries though; I came up with a plan B.

Plan B involved graph paper, colored pencils, scissors and glue sticks. To be technical add in some markers, card stock, and an eraser. You know the phrase a picture is worth 1000 words? Well I won’t bore you with the details.

This felt like a grade school project: uneven cutting, half colored blocks, sticky fingers and all. Strangely it was fun. But not in a this is how I want to spend every Friday night way. It was fun in a onetime only kinda way.

Does anyone know of a better way to try out quilt patterns?  Perhaps a good computer program that is VERY user friendly?  Anything?  Because if I have to do it like this more than a couple times I might have to revert to fleece baby blankets.

Friday, April 2, 2010

pink frosting and sprinkles

The cupcakes are now finished.

The tea set is ready to be played with.

My little ladies are happy and enjoying it.

Having a tea party on the trampoline.

Which turned into a food fight.

It is nice to finish off a project.  Especially when I have started new ones and there are more waiting to be started.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

In life ones path...

...starts off in one direction and outside elements come along and change things sending one in a completely different direction.  Leaving one wondering how did this happen?  Because I let it of course.

I started a new sewing project last weekend. This is one of those use up some scraps and maybe a little of the stash kinda projects.  First was to cut up scraps and sew them into “charms.” To make some tote bags for groceries, books, and toys, whatever. Another bag is always need and grabbing a plastic shopping bag to carry my books back to the library is so tacky not to mention it makes me look environmentally unfriendly. I want something cute not tacky.

I cut and sewed and had about 150 scrap “charms” sitting on my table for totes. Then started to lay them out in patterns and to add sashing, seeing how they would look.

Enters change in the form of my oldest son.....

Son: “That looks cool.”(really excitedly)

Me: “thanks”

Son: “ Is that the picnic quilt you are going to make us?”

**rewind a couple months ago when I asked my littles if they wanted a picnic quilt and they were not interested.

Me: “No, I am making tote bags with these.”

Son: “Oh, ok. But that would make a really cool picnic quilt.” (sounding disappointed)

Me: “I guess it could be a picnic quilt.”

Son: “COOL! Because those are really awesome colors.”

Me: “ Alright, it will be a picnic quilt.”

Son: “Awesome, but could you make another one for a picnic quilt? I don’t want that quilt to get all muddy, it’s too cool.”

Me: “Sure.” (Stunned by my 13 year old son’s enthusiasm about a project I am working on.)

Now a couple of days later and all of it sinking in realizing I just committed to 2 quilts and still need to make some tote bags. And to let you all know, the last time I made a quilt that was not made of fleece or flannel (and for a baby) was 15 years ago.