Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Birdgirl,

While writing in my journal this morning a bird flew at the window by my table.  It fell to the ground; laying there with its wings spread and not moving.  I was worried it was hurt.  No sooner then I gasped a hero was there to lift the little bird up.  He told me it was blinking so I grabbed my camera and joined them outside.

The little chickadee is doing well.  After being held for a few minutes he began to hop around on his hero's arm to shoulder to hat.  Then he jumped to the railing of the deck then back to the hero's shoulder before flying to the feeder to eat.  We watched him until he was finished eating and flew away.

I thought of you while watching the little chickadee today.  It reminded me of experiences you have mentioned with little wild birds and I wanted to tell you of ours.


  1. That's so cool!

    We also had a not-so-happy encounter like this at my parent's home. Sof was inconsolable. She buried the little bird and still puts flowers on it's grave when we visit.

  2. Sorry to hear it was not-so-happy. It is kinda sweet she still places flowers on the grave.

  3. We had a mourning dove do that just today. Then it sat under the empty bird feeder, looking up at us like, "I see the melon...but where is the seed?!"