Tuesday, April 24, 2012

cupcake challenge......anyone???

How does that phrase go... even well intended plans fail?  That's the cupcake challenge right now.  There were 20 participants.  We were getting our challenge on Saturdays and had one week to make our cupcakes then post a picture and a link to the recipe to the group.  Sounded fun to me!

There has been a growing pattern to the group that kinda made me laugh when I thought about it.  Because it happens so often with life.  We intend to do something and life gets in the way and..... well you know.  So I thought I would share with all y'all in case you can laugh a little and say "yep, been there. done that."  If that quote isn't in your vocabulary, you probably don't know me personally and might count yourself lucky for that.

The Pattern:
1st challenge ~ strawberries = 9 participated
2nd challenge ~ mocha = 4 participated
3rd challenge ~ Easter = 2 participated
There was a week that no challenge was given due to admin changes
Then the 4th challenge ~ chocolate.....
Can you guess from the pattern above how many participated?  If y'all followed the pattern and said 1 you got it right.
This past Saturday there wasn't a cupcake challenge given.  But y'all probably already figured that out too. 

And I was having fun with the cupcake challenge too!  It's been a helpful distraction from the "D" word.  So I'm not going let this little bump in the road of life get me down.  I've decided to copy the cupcake challenge over here and make it personal.  I'm going to challenge myself each week with a cupcake theme/idea...something cupcake like.  Heck, if any of y'all want to join in you are always welcome.  Don't worry I'm not going to keep tabs or stats. Like I said it's personal now.

Check back in a while and I'll have a theme figured out. If y'all are wanting to make some cupcakes too...GREAT!  I'm thinking it might have something to do with my kid's dessert last night and what was left over.

 ***no Oreos were licked in the cleaning off of the creamy center. 
(at least not the ones in the container) 


  1. D word? Are you separating? Lame that I don't know this already. :(

  2. We are in! I like cupcakes.I wanted to make some today but I was out voted. #1 & #2 wanted a round cake. We made funfetti since for some reason I had a box in our cabinets. #2 wanted extra "fun" so we dumped in half a cup extra sprinkles. We're putting a fudge chocolate icing with chocolate chips in the middle and a cream cheese frosting on top. Then we will have no more prepackaged food like substances for cakes in our house. Not sure how they got here to begin with, but oh well.

  3. Wait...does D stand for deployment?

  4. ...and I will totally make cupcakes with you.

  5. I haven't posted on the cupcakes but I've enjoyed reading them!

  6. Annalia: Yes, D id for deployment.

    Amy: It probably ended up there when Mom or Sara were visiting.