Thursday, June 17, 2010

mosquitoes YUCK!

No one likes mosquitoes, especially my girlie, but they seem to LOVE her.  She got over 40 "kisses" from them yesterday. 


All her shorts are now buried under her jeans in her dresser. She has decided she would rather be ‘a little hot wearing jeans’ than deal with all the bites. At first she tried to give them to me to store away for her sister, but I convinced her she should keep them just in case. I am sure she will forget about all the bites in a week or two and want her shorts back.


  1. Have you been putting olive oil on the bites? It works really well for me.

  2. We are using olive oil with lavender essential oil and it is helping. She always gets the worse bites. :(

  3. Interesting... How does the olive oil and lavender essential oil help? What are the properties that make effective?

  4. Olive oil is good to reduce itching and lavender reduces itching inflammation, infection, and both help the scabs to stay soft and heal more quickly.

    I would add carrot oil for reducing scarring, borage seed oil for regenerating and simulating the skin, and jojoba for inflammation but I am out of them. It’s time for me to place an order.