Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Our friends got some little chicks the other day and invited us over to meet them. They are about 4 days old and so cute! I couldn't tell you what the breeds of the chicks are; though our friends did tell us. We will have to learn them because my littles want to visit them often.


  1. How cute! You better hurry and go visit them again before they aren't chicks anymore.

  2. The black and cream colored ones are Black Australorps. The Reddish/yellow ones are the Rhode Island Reds, and the one with the stripe down its back is a Welsummer. All are brown egg layers, though the Welsummer is a dark reddish brown with speckles egg layer. In about 5-6 months they should start laying their eggs.

    It's not going to be long before they outgrow their brooder box. They are really very attached to us now and want to fly out of the box to follow us when we leave the garage now. Of course after we let them forage (with one of us sitting on the ground next to them) for a short while outside they don't want to come back in to their brooder box; they've experienced the good life while stretching their wings and foraging.

    A rabbit ran through the yard though today and the chicks response was so funny. The chicks having been startled by the sudden noise, quickly ran, flapping their wings as fast as they could, then layed close to the ground, and pressed themselves up close against me (momma hen). It was really just too cute. Each time they follow us, I can't help but smile and remember the Dr. Suess book "Are You My Mother?"