Wednesday, February 10, 2010

30 days of beauty ~ day 2

Samantha came running into the house all excited.  She was talking very fast telling me of the birds on our neighbor's house that were bigger then herself.  The beauty of these vultures was increased in my mind by her excitement and joy to see them so closely.

There was a rustling in the rubble from another neighbor’s broken fence and tree from a recent winter storm. When we looked we saw a 5th vulture rummaging and I got this shot as it began to take flight.

We watched the vultures for a while longer until they all were soaring away.


  1. Wow, vultures right there next door. When I think of vultures I tend to think of people struggling across the desert about to die of thirst and the buzzards circling overhead.(I watched a lot of cowboy and Wild West shows at a kid). I wonder what attracted them?

  2. We have lots of little critters around especially rabbits and it has been VERY cold lately. I am fairly sure some of the little critters didn't make it.