Friday, January 10, 2014

giveaway::: ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles

about this time last year i helped teach how to knit ruffle scarfs to our relief society sisters.  i went out and bought 2 skeins of ruffle yarn to make a scarf and told myself i'm not going to get any more of this yarn and will not be making a bunch of scarfs.  then i needed to go back to michael's and pick up a few skeins for others at the activity. 
well, they were on sale so i bought a few extra because i didn't want to frog the scarf i made to show how to make one and a few sisters said they wanted to make scarfs but wouldn't be able to make the activity.  so we made plans to get together later that month and i needed a couple skeins for that. now i had several skeins of ruffle yarn in my stash. 
then there was a really good sale where they were 80% off.  i couldn't resist, though i should have.  now i have more than i care to admit in my stash.
the other day i was helping a friend figure out how to crochet a ruffle scarf. when we were finished with her scarfs i pulled out my stash thinking i need to do something with my stash of ruffle yarn.  i put on season 1 of downton abbey, started knitting, and by the time i got to season 2 i had quite a few scarfs made.
giveaway:::  if would like a ruffle scarf leave a comment and i will randomly pick a winner early next week.  don't forget to let me know which one is your favorite. 
ohhhh and if you leave me a link to a cute project made with ruffle yarn i will put your name in 2x for the drawing.  there has to be something different to make with this yarn!


  1. I tried crocheting with the ruffle yarn a few years ago. I gave the yarn to someone else because it was to frustrating for me to work with. I like the greens one most.

    1. I didn't like crocheting with it either. Knitting works out much better for me.