Monday, January 20, 2014


watching:::  gilmore girls
                       season 3 episode 2 'take the deviled eggs...'

lorelai takes rory to sherry's baby shower and gets forced into attending.  she starts freaking out and ends up in sherry's bathroom where she starts to rearrange her medicine cabinet.  when the girls get back to stars hallow they see jess's car and feeling bitter about him wrecking rory's car they use the deviled eggs that sherry made them take home from the shower and deviled-egg his car. 

the best part is when they try to peel out and make a get-a-way, but they can't get the tires to squeal so they make the sound themselves.  ohhhh and when luke tells jess, "they must really hate you," when they find jess's car deviled-egged.

reading:::   7 tipping points that saved the world

listening::   come unto Christ: 2014 theme song

craving:::   pico de gallo, when it is cold outside i start craving spicy foods to help me warm up.

making:::   starburst granny square afghan

feeling:::   determined this will be an amazing year; what ever it brings!
planning:::  i've been making lots of plans though most of them are on hold while we wait for the detailer to let us know what the navy has in store for us next.  I need to focus more on short term plans that i have control over, like.... all the crafty projects i want to work on.  ohhhhh, and making plans to ride apollo's chariot, griffon, and verbolten when busch opens in march!

loving:::   this little critter...who would have thought that hedgehogs could be so cute and cuddly.
playing:::   flowerworks  my boys found a wii game that is just my style.  the cute critters flowers and fireworks make me smile!
thankful:::   for my family and friends that give me space in the mornings and understand that people shouldn't talk before 10am because waking up is hard enough.


  1. A former student of mine wrote that people should not work out in the mornings because nobody is really awake before 10 am so it's not safe.