Thursday, June 28, 2012

cupcake challenge ::: week 14 ~ 4th of july

i bet y'all saw this one coming seeing as how the 4th of july is next wednesday.  we are making plans and getting ready to celebrate independence day; including parade floats, costumes, delicious food, and yummy treats.  there are even a couple practical jokes i'm hearing bits and pieces of in hushed voices.

i used swiss chocolate boxed cake mix, vanilla butter cream frosting, red and blue sprinkles and sparkly gel tubes. 

i had a house full of teenagers helping me with cupcakes this afternoon and they came up with interesting cupcakes of their own.  

they found some red and blue frosting in the freezer and the spray dye from the flag day cupcakes.  add those to the toppings that i got out and they got to decorating.  it was so much fun seeing their creative sides come out and play.


  1. I have thought it's weird since I moved here that all that is done for the 4th is a small fireworks show at night. We usually go to Rantoul, not that they have much but a parade & fireworks is better than just fireworks. I think this year though we will just stay home because of the heat on the 4th.

    1. does rantoul still have the carnival in town for the 4th?