Friday, June 22, 2012

cupcake challenge ::: week 13 ~ summertime

when i was a little my mom would make us ice cream cone cupcakes for a fun treat.  and fun is what summer is supposed to be about.  y'all will need a box of 24 ice cream cones with flat bottoms, your favorite cupcake batter, frosting and toppings.

i mixed up a box cake mix according to the package. 

then using an ice cream scoop placed a scoop of batter in each ice cream cone. y'all could use a spoon but an ice cream scoop is so much more fun!

i used a mini-muffin tin to hold the cones and my toaster oven to bake them.  i heated the oven up to 350*f then turned it down to 325*f and baked the cupcakes for about 24 minutes.

this is what they look like when baked.

i mixed up a batch of vanilla butter cream frosting and frosted the cupcakes using the wilton #12 decorating tip. then drizzled on magic shell and topped with sprinkles.

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