Thursday, June 21, 2012

cupcake challenge ::: week 13

last night was the summer solstice and we are already in full summer mode here; pool, park, beach, free bowling ( here is where we go if you are local), dollar movies, sleepovers, museums, camp outs, summer classes, video game tournaments, gardening, summer reading..... the list goes on.

with all that is going on i kinda dropped the ball on this weeks cupcake challenge, sorry!  i am baking my cupcakes as i type.  i promise sometime today between visiting friends, swimming, an order of the arrow meeting and bbq and bowling (my Littles think we can squeeze it in....i'm not so sure) i will get my cupcakes frosted and posted.  humm... looking at our to do list.... in the morning...maybe. i'm still going to try for today.

i'll let all y'all know the theme not to mess y'all's schedule (JCub) up too much.  week 13 ~ summertime

i hope all y'all enjoy the first full day of summer, stay cool, and drink LOTS of water. it's going to be HOT (95 already here)

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  1. We bought some cupcake papers at the store the other day so that we can participate with a little less cleanup. Now to just think of what kind of summertime cupcakes we want to make.