Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a reason to declutter

Sometimes what I need is a reason to do something I need to get done. 

Last Wednesday my boys had a Court of Honor and afterwards there was a quick committee meeting.  One of the things discussed was a service project the guys are starting.  They will be collecting gently used clothes and small appliances and having a Grandma's Attic type night where people can take what they need.  Then the rest of the items will be taken to the Needs Network. 

One of the concerns brought up was where things could be stored until they are distributed.  I said that I could hold on to some of it in my garage AFTER they are cleaned.  I don't want bags of dirty clothes and toasters piled up in there. 

I knew when I volunteered that my garage needed some decluttering before I could follow through with my big mouth said.  So when I got home that night I took a look to see what needed to be done; lots.

Friday I took about an hour to toss out all the obviously unwanted items and recycling.  It made a big difference. 

I got all the easy stuff taken care of.  Now I have to sort and organize the rest of it.  Right now I'm wishing that my sister Amy lived close enough to come help me out.  She has a knack for dejunking.  She purges the stuff out of her house on a daily basis and would never let her garage turn into a junk den.  She is probably cringing right now at my "cleaned up" garage and shaking her head. 

My garage has been needing some tlc for a while and this service project is the kick I've needed to get it done.  My goal is to get everything that isn't bolted down off the floor.  Time to tackle a bit more, get organized, and simplify.


  1. I think it looks great already!

  2. Way to go! I think it looks nice.

  3. It looks better! I think you may have more in your garage than we have in our whole house in the before lol.