Tuesday, May 8, 2012

cupcake challenge ::: week 7

My brother JCub asked me the other night if I could let him know the theme for the cupcake challenge before I post my cupcakes. He would like to have time to think about what he would like to do before he sees my cupcakes.  I thought I'd let all y'all in on it too in case anyone else is having the same thought.  So seeing as there is a special day coming up on Sunday the theme for week 7 is:

I'm going to start thinking of something yummy to bake up inspired by Mother's Day and all y'all do the same.  Need a little help? Does Mother's Day have y'all thinking of flowers, chocolate, or something sparkly?  Go on and make your Mom's favorite cupcake, a cupcake to give her on Mother's Day, or make your favorite cupcake if you're the Mama.  Check back in a couple days and we'll swap recipes.

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