Tuesday, January 12, 2010

origami medallions

I like to keep busy even when I am relaxing.  Kind of odd I know.  I just have to be doing something.  I have been folding origami medallions lately as "busy work."  They are a simple pattern and very easy to make.

So easy that I have made quite a few of them.

There are more.......

There are so many of medallions that the box they are kept in is full.

I was thinking of getting a bigger box to store them in.  But there are more than 100 of them and who needs more than 100 origami medallions, right?

Any ideas for what I should do with them?


  1. Things to do with origami medallions: Wedding decorations (whose I don't know), birthday decoration, make an army of origami people and use medallions for shields, use them as doll hats, use them as the base for something, get pieces of round glass about the same size and make coasters out of them, place them on the body of your victims, sneak into a hospital and put them on the head of a coma patient ever day at 0300, put scented oil on them and put them in drawers, use them to prevent table legs from damaging non-carpeted floors, write a random word (I suggest bamboozled) on them and drive past a local high school REALLY fast while one of your kids dumps them just as school gets out, leave a trail of them from one side of the city to the other (the trail terminating in one REALLY big medallion), tape them to the inside of stall doors in public restrooms, give them to old folks homes, give them to old people, use them as birthday cards, eat them in a moment of desperation, don't eat them in a moment of "ha ha I have REAL food", give them to the homeless, don't give them to cats, never use them to induce vommiting, run them over in shopping carts, write pick-me-ups messages on them and hide them around the house, and last (for now) but not least: put them in a bigger box that's all locked up with locks and burry it deep away... Because you are a pirate.
    Love Zach

  2. I like the wedding decorations idea. You should sell them on Etsy AS a wedding/party decoration. 100 would be a great # for something like that.

    Are those the same kind that you sent us? They look a little bit different - I LOVED those, still have all of the ones Cozette hasn't tried to eat.

  3. Zach, you are so silly and succeeded in making me laugh!

  4. Annalia, they are different. The ones I sent you my littles like to use as spinning tops.