Wednesday, January 6, 2010

no wasted...

...bananas this time.

I buy bananas with good intentions to eat them. I like bananas. But, for whatever reason they end up sitting around getting too ripe.

Then I plan on making banana bread. I like banana bread. I set them aside and wait for my once forgotten bananas to get just a bit riper to make sweeter bread. Usually they become forgotten again and end up in the trash because they are way too ripe. Not today, no wasted bananas this time.

I won't have to worry about the banana bread going to waste.  It had been eaten before it cooled off; with lots of butter and a cup of hot chocolate.


  1. Mmmm. That looks super-good! My last batch of bananas never made it to the bread. I threw them behind my cookbook stand (to make room for whatever else I was cooking) ...and forgot about them until they were super-gross. bleh.

  2. Nice looking bread. I wish we had ripe bananas, now.