Monday, March 19, 2012

a little sewing

A friend of mine was recently called to Young Women. On the way home from church that afternoon I remembered seeing a Young Women Personal Progress book holder that I wanted to make with my oldest Girlie in the autumn when she starts attending YW.  So I was excited to get to make one for my friend right away!  I don't like to wait on projects.  Probably because when I wait they don't get done.

You can find the pattern at  Chocolate on my Cranium.  I did make an adjustment to the pattern so I could add the Guidebook for Parents and Leaders of Youth.  My fabric and interfacing pieces were 14x24 inches and my pocket guide lines were at 5 1/2", 11 1/4", 12 1/2", and 17 3/4".


  1. That's cute! Did you put cardboard or something in it to make it firm?

  2. 1 piece of medium weight fusible interfacing....and the books help :)