Friday, September 17, 2010

fibers on friday ~ scarf

I am working on a scarf to go with the hat I knitted up last week.  After the scarf some fingerless mitts to match might be cast on; since there is about 2,500 yards of this unknown fiber in my basket to use up.  If I had to guess what the fiber is I would say it is an acrylic. 

I still haven't picked up the scrubbie that was started a couple weeks ago. I am just not interested in the feel of it.  Perhaps a deal with myself will motivate me.  When it is finished I will get some silk to work with.  No, not going to work today.  The guilt of not finishing it off will hit me one day, but I am not there yet.


  1. I've decided this afternoon right before nap time I'm going to drive to the yarn store. That way Alan can nap in the van and Lane can stay with him while I run in. Sure I have yarn here that I am not using, but the way it feels just isn't inviting for me to work with.

  2. I would love to see what you pick up!

  3. Your quilt looks so nice! even matches your fibers on Friday icon!

    There are many charities that accept yarn. I think you should donate it, rather than torture yourself. :)

  4. Thanks Annalia! It does match Beth's button. LOL I didn't realize it until you said it.

    I am looking for a charity that wants half finished projects. DO you know of any? I have several I would donate :)

  5. Oooooh, it DOES match my button :-) Perfect!

    And can I just say.....I want to go to the beach and knit now. really really!

    Thanks for linking up! I don't blame you for not wanting to work with the scratchy stuff :-) The scarf looks super soft and fluffy.

  6. You could steal my cool idea for extra unwanted yarn. I was going to make a bunch of quick scarves and tie them around lamp posts with tags on the scarves that say, "free for the chilly" or just plain donate them to a homeless shelter.