Friday, September 24, 2010

fibers on friday ~ 0400,45,45,50,0700,0515,0901,81,140,80,09

I have been able to get a lot of knitting done this week. I get to knit during the 45 minute drive taking Senior Chief to work. Then I get a break from knitting while I drive, but not home; to early morning seminary. I get another 50 minutes of knitting while my oldest attends his class. Then back home by 7am. and on with the day.

I will get about double the time knitting in the evening when I pick him up due to traffic. But I have been blessed to not have to do that trip much. Senior Chief has been lucky to get a ride home most days. I will be so happy when his transmission is fixed on his car and I get to sleep in to 5:15 am!

Now on to all the numbers in the post title:

0400   the hour I am waking these days
45       minutes of knitting
45       minutes of driving
50       minutes of knitting
0700   I return home
0515   the time I look forward to waking up soon
0901   at 9:01 this morning
81       it was 81 degrees F outside (it's supposed to be autumn, right?)
140     inch scarf
80       inch scarf
09       inches on a pair of fingerless gloves
My son pointed out the time and temperature when I asked him to wear the scarves for a photo.  Then I had him stand where the sun was in his eyes.  Always willing to help me with whatever I ask of him; sometimes with a grin, chuckle and a roll of the eyes (though not in a disrespectful way.)  Kind of like a "you are silly but I will do it anyway." 


  1. Wow. That is a really long scarf if it hangs down that far on Johnathan!

  2. Darling son and darling scarves!

    I'm envious of your knitting time....but not so envious of your wake-up time!

    Thanks for linking up to Fibers on Friday!!

  3. My goodness! You've been so busy! I too hope your husband gets the transmission fixed on his car so you can get a few more winks.

    Love the colors of the last knitting project picture. Is that the finished design we were playing with that day for the runner?

  4. It is the finished runner. I will post a better picture soon.