Monday, July 12, 2010

outdoor monday ~ birthday

We had a birthday request of going to the beach and woke up to a gray overcast day.  By 7:30 this morning the skies opened up and the rain was pouring down.  I am so happy for my lawn and garden that we finally got some rain.  But my little birthday girl looked like she was going to pour down tears and asked if we could still go to the beach.  My boys didn't even wait for me to answer they piped in with "as long as there is no lightning and thunder."  They know that you can't let some rain stop you from having some fun!

They started to dig.

And dig,

The digging started to take shape.

After a couple hours of digging, they made a canal connecting two coves.

After a little boy was stung my girls went looking for sea jellies to catch and throw back into the sea by the rocks. They got a couple stings themselves, but they said it really didn't hurt; at least not enough to stop them from having fun.


  1. That looks like they had a lot of fun! What a great birthday activity! It was so great to see you there at the beach!

  2. Tell sammy happy late birthday 4 me! :)