Friday, August 3, 2012

crafty catch-up

last week i helped a friend finish up several projects she wanted to get done before going to visit family.  so i thought this week i would get some of my own finished.

i finished the rainbow suncatcher that i started back in june.

and made a candyland suncatcher

to match the hansel and gretel cross-stitch i still haven't finished.  does anyone remember when i started it? because it has been so long i don't.  i do know it has made a several moves and had to be started after 1995 because the copyright and print date in story book cross-stitch.

i made this petticoat/skirt that i should have months ago.

to layer with this dress.

i made a couple more of these bags.

and picked up some button making supplies.

because i love this fabric so much i don't want to toss out even the smallest bits of it.

i still need to finish my ruby gloom doll.  i'm making her from the strawbeary doll pattern in amigurumi. of course i'll need to adjust the pattern a little; ruby is not that tall.  she's a chibi. 

 when i ordered my buttons i found these bandages and had to get them!

my kawaii tape came this week, and i am waiting patiently (not really) for my washi tape. 

 i'm trying to think of a weekend sewing project to get lost in.  no i'm not going to work on my cross-stitch or ruby gloom because my fabric stash is screaming at me to come and play.


  1. Oh my goodness! So much cuteness that I don't even know which one to gush about! Bags - doll - petti - it's all so awesome!
    Um, can we come over and play? Tony's gone. Sofia and Anthony are gone too (bummer, I know). Anyhow, we finally don't have any cats or lizards to feed, camps to go to, or....whatever else pops up.

  2. All are amazingly lively! I looovvvve the dress!!!