Thursday, July 12, 2012

cupcake challenge ::: week 16 ~ no bake cupcake

i had a request from an extra special and amazing  little birthday girl for some cheesecake cupcakes today. 

i took the easy road on these cupcakes and went for the no bake kind using the jell-o brand.  i make a few adjustments to the recipe on the box. 

i like using 1/2 a cup of butter.  using 5 tablespoons leaves the crust kinda dry, hard to work with and it crumbles a little too much. so a little more is worth it.  i also use half and half instead of instead of milk for extra creaminess.

foil lined liners work best for these cupcakes.

these liners are perfect for my girlie. her favourite color is black.

now, i'll let y'all in on a little family tradition for my birthday girl.  her daddy doesn't want her growing up. he doesn't want any of our littles growing up but she is the baby and has to stay little.  for a few years now she has been 5 or 4 years old.  this year she turned 5 next year she will be turning 4.  it will probably be this way till she is 30.

she was such a happy little girlie to open the card from her daddy and see the great big 5 on it. it's great their little tease can go on even with the miles between them!

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