Monday, October 3, 2011

better than chicken soup

When I have a cold, chicken soup isn't what I'm craving.  I want something spicy hot to clear my head.  I chopped up veggies from our garden and made some pico de gallo.  My oldest girlie and hubby are the only ones who will eat the pico de gallo I make when I have a cold because I like it HOT.  To kept my head from being stuffy.  

pico de gallo
2 parts tomatoes
2 parts tomatillos
1 part red onion
1 part green onion
1 part hot peppers (1/2 of it jalapenos)
1/2 part cilantro
1/4 part garlic
lime and salt to taste
sometimes I add 1 part sweet peppers

chop it all up and mix it up.

It's good on tacos, chili, ham sandwiches, and straight out of a bowl with chips or with a spoon.  Just to name a few ways I enjoyed it this week.


  1. I'm like that too except I like garlic with my spices. I make spicy Italian beef or put a lot of garlic and red pepper in my chicken soup. Zach likes spicy burritos when he's sick.

  2. Such vibrant colors. I hope everyone is feeling better.