Friday, September 23, 2011

hello my name... Jess and I'm a yarn addict.  I use to buy yarn when I had a project and then stash away the leftovers Then I started to get yarn for near future projects... and stash it away.  I progressed onto getting yarn for projects I wanted to do someday... and would stash it away.  For years now I've been getting yarn without any project in mind... and stashing it away.

A few years ago I started thinking that I need to stop buying yarn and get some of those "someday" projects done... I didn't notice my stash getting smaller.  See I was getting some of those projects done but still stashing away lovely new yarn that I just had to have.  So the next year came with a phrase/question to ask myself when I was looking at new yarn... "don't you have something like that at home?"  I even taught it to my Littles and asked them to parrot it back to me when I was looking at yarn.  That became the year that my stash of interesting/unusual yarn grew...I didn't already have it at home.

Last year I decided to I wouldn't get yarn unless it was for a specific project. Now I did do a lot of projects from my stash but I still found reasons to get more yarn... that specific project clause. 

This year I told myself I am not going to get any new yarn at all.  I told my Hubby and  Littles... they laughed at me.  That made me more determined to make it happen... a reward should keep me on track.  If I manage to stick to not getting new yarn all year in January I can indulge in new yarn.  I thought it would be difficult but it wasn't I've managed to not add to my stash... until last week.

I started making hats with some leftovers.

See the hat that doesn't have noodles on top yet?  And that bit of green on the band?  I didn't realize it was the last of the green.  I thought I had some more and cast on this hat next....

Yep, you notice how it has a green stem and leafs... I looked for something from my stash...I really did... a different shade of green... another color... type of yarn.  Nope, it wasn't going to work.  I really wanted that particular green.  I thought of waiting to finish it until next year.  NOWAY! I'm not going to procrastinate.  I don't want another unfinished project in my life.  I'm going to finish it now.  I broke down and got my first skein of yarn this year with  less then 4 months to go on my year of not getting new yarn. 

So here is my thought... If I keep this yarn on my needles and use it all up on projects for others before the end of the year it's like I never got it...right?


  1. I love your pumpkin hat. It's really cute. -Jonny

    Impressed. You're really good at knitting!

    Four months is pretty amazing - and so are the things you knit! - Lia

  2. The hat is cute. I think 8 months without buying yarn is a long time. If your stash were to disappear you'd have to start buying more. I have a large garage that will be mostly empty come tomorrow.

  3. Yes! The transaction will be null and void!!

  4. I love those crazy hats !!! And you are absolutely right- it doesn't exist as stash yarn unless it actually goes into the stash:)