Sunday, October 17, 2010

frogged and cast-on again

With fewer stitches cast-on, smaller needles, and a couple pattern adjustments...a new head-scarf is finished.

This one isn't belt sized and actually fits onto a cute little head. It also stretches to fit on mine without looking stretched out.  There are no pictures to prove that true.  My camera battery died.  It is doing that a lot lately.  I am going to have to get a new one soon.

Now that I understand this particular wool a little better I don't think it is right for this project.  Though there will be no frogging of this head-scarf; it will hold up just fine and keep some ears warm.  I think I'll try a mohair/silk blend or an alpaca or an alpaca/silk/wool blend. 

So now it is time to find a new yarn (hopefully from my stash). But first I'll find out if my camera battery can be ordered.  Fingers crossed it isn't discontinued; I like my little camera.


  1. Absolutely adorable Jess! It looks so warm and comfy too!

  2. I love this!! Would you mind sharing the pattern you used??

  3. Heidi, I will work on writing up a pattern for it.