Sunday, May 30, 2010

hording mending

The little bird I was planning on making was put on hold this past week.  I have been busy patching holes, fixing zippers, snaps, and buttons.  It seems EVERY pair of my younger son's pants had some problem with them and they are not simple fixes he could do himself.  So it has been a slow process helping him repair them all.  I just wonder why he was hording it all and waited until he had NO pants left to wear to ask for help.  I guess the down side to my littles doing their own laundry is I don't notice when their clothes need fixing. 

But repairs have been on hold for the last couple days because The Chief's ship pulled into port for the weekend. YAY!

I will be back to mending all of this tomorrow and hopefully getting my little birdie knitted up this week.


  1. You are awesome - helping your son mend his own clothes! He'll really appreciate that some day (if not now). :)

  2. Well, he didn't like all the time he spent mending instead of playing. Maybe he won't be so hard on his clothes now. Maybe?