Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet our new neighbor

We found this guy in our garden a couple months ago
and he has been sticking around. So we figured that
we now have a new neighbor.  We are having fun seeking
him out and getting to know him.
He lives behind the shed and compost.
He eats the wild strawberries growing under the hot tub.
He loves blueberries!
He is known as Crackers.
Or is it she?


  1. I love it. When I was a young girl - about eight or nine - we found a large turtle. We kept it for a few days. My mother told us to check with the neighbors to see if anyone had lost a turtle. We were hoping that we wouldn't find the owner, but we did.
    There was an old two-story house near us. We thought it was haunted. One evening I went out to get the clothes off the clothesline and I thought that I saw a ghost over in the direction of that house. In it an old woman lived alone. We knocked on her door and asked her if she had lost a turtle. She said she had. She invited us in and we went(it was a different era). She had birds, other animals, and another turtle, though not as large as the one we had found. I was disappointed to give it back to her, but we did.
    Remember to wash your hands with soap if you touch it.